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Why Fusionapps Gave its Employees StarCraft II

Today, July 28th, 2010, is a day that will live in infamy. Today, everyone at Fusionapps was given a copy of StarCraft II.

You may ask: why is this such a big deal, and why would giving employees a video game be worthy of a blog post? Here are four reasons:

1. Technology innovation: It’s no secret that video games (and porn) drive technology innovation, which is why video games like StarCraft II become popular among techies. By using some of the most advanced technologies, StarCraft II really pushes the envelope.

From the insane amount of coding intelligence that goes into the game’s development to the amazingly realistic graphics that create a user experience, StarCraft II is a video game that feeds the appetites of tech junkies.

2. Team building and collaboration: A lot of the work we do at Fusionapps requires collaboration, but sometimes you need a welcome change from collaborating on a serious software build. Games like StarCraft II provide us with that outlet – we can form teams and work together to accomplish goals (kill stuff).

3. Stress relief: Perhaps the biggest reason for everyone to get StarCraft II is to relieve stress. Building and managing large, complex software products can be very demanding and stressful. Can you think of a better way to relieve some of that stress than to annihilate your fellow co-worker…or, better yet, your boss?

4. We’re jealous: If the characters on the popular television show The Office can play video games during work hours, we’d like to play too!

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