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The Importance of Coordinating Efforts Between Marketing and IT

Of the many things that get overlooked when companies have a business-critical software product (website, web app, mobile app, etc…), coordinating efforts between your marketing teams and IT/development teams is one we at Fusionapps always seem to run into. The root cause of this issue is that departments within an organization often work in silos – where one department is never aware of what the other is doing. This can not happen when the business as a whole is relying on the software product to generate revenue and build its brand. Even the most seemingly mundane effort of one team can have a dramatic impact on the software product.

Here are just two examples that Fusionapps has run into:

Large toy company launches huge marketing campaign – but neglects to tell the IT team.

It was approaching the company’s busiest time of the year, Christmas season, when the marketing team decided to run a huge campaign that would drive a ton of traffic to the website during a specific time period where customers could get a special deal off of their purchases. Unfortunately, the campaign was a huge success.  The marketing team never informed the IT team (mainly Fusionapps consultants) about the campaign and what kind of potential impact it may have on the website’s servers – and the servers began to fail. Unable to handle the huge volume of simultaneous users flooding the website, the IT team had to scramble and send extra teams of consultants to the data center to start start building and adding new servers to the infrastructure as fast as they could but there was no way to get the work done fast enough. The data center resemble a triage in the middle of a war zone. Throughout the night, the IT team was split between teams that were trying to keep the website live – rebooting boxes, restarting services, configuring load balancers, etc… – and teams that were building and slapping servers into the racks as fast as they could make them.

This night would be a devastating lesson for the business. Customers began issuing complaints and demanding refunds. The press got wind of the issues and had a field day – blasting the company for being so ill-prepared.

Staffing company gets featured on a primetime network TV show and works with IT team to prepare for traffic spikes.

It was an exciting time for this customer, they were about to be featured on a primetime TV show. The exposure for the business promised to drive a lot of users to their website. Knowing the potential impact this could have on the performance and load of the website, the customer informed Fusionapps and a coordinated effort ensued. The customer provided an estimated maximum spike of simultaneous users and the Fusionapps team prepped the application and server infrastructure to handle it. The TV showed aired, the website traffic rose and the infrastructure performed perfectly.

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