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Scene Watch: How To Take Advantage Of Social Media In The Business Realm

It’s no secret that social media is huge. Web 2.0 began with voices being heard via personal blogs, and has exploded into personal profile pages and shareable media databases. If your startup is at that point of time in its lifespan that it is in need of a social media image, Socialize is here to provide the knowledge of just how to do that in their upcoming Monetizing Social Media event.

Did I Say Event? I Meant Training Session

Socialize: Monetizing Social Media won’t be your typical casual networking event. It’s really more of an intensive learning session, indicative by the hefty price of $295 for two days of attendance. Commissioned experts will be featured as speakers in leading these sessions to reflect on a business strategy that will attempt to unify popular social media in an effective marketing route for your business.

Stewart Quealy, Director of Content at Media Bistro, summarizes the event, “As a first-time event, Socialize brings together a diverse array of social media influencers, stakeholders and practitioners along with an all star lineup of social gaming thought leaders for two days of discussion and open dialogue.  Emerging online social platforms along with mobile apps, virtual goods and video are all part of the conversation as our industry insiders weigh in on the latest monetization trends and the future of the interactive social web and real-time communications.”

From their website the team explains, “Socialize is designed to educate individuals whose firms are just beginning to conquer social media as well as corporations who wish to enhance their social media presence and expand their campaigns.”

The Fronts To Tackle

Socialize has a set angles they consider valuable as a social media platform to extend your business. These include social games, the mobile platform, tracking your social media campaigns and, above all, learning how to monetize all of this. At Fusionapps, we stress the importance of ensuring that no matter what your ideas are, they are in a position to in some way produce profit for your company.

Where and When?

Monetizing Social Media will take place on March 31st-April 1st at The New Yorker Hotel located at 481 8th Avenue. Take a look at price details and package deals here.

About the SceneWatch
There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of start-up events in the NYC metro-area each year, but which ones are the most valuable? Each week, our team will tell you which events provide the best networking opportunities, deliver the best insight and really inspire us to build a business. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

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