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Scene Watch: Hoboken Tech Meetup 8

Avoid the Groundhog Day, Attend this Event

The Hoboken Tech Meetup, established in April of 2010, is a monthly congregation of roughly one hundred entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Of this group, feature speakers and noteworthy startups are selected to speak at the event to share experiences and help one another learn from both their failure and success.

In Addition to the Learning Opportunities, the Networking Possibilities are Endless

Not only will you have a chance to hear from the mistakes and successes of other startups, but some of the past speakers have come from strong roots. David Kidder from Clickable and COO Tad Martin from Overstock public are just a few of the names that have attended the Hoboken Tech Meetup.

Aside from the big names and fancy titles, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and growing startups. Perhaps they will offer you a sound piece of advice on your aspiring idea, or you might even recruit someone’s skills for your aspiring startup. One thing that is always said here at Fusionapps is that you have to get outside of the building to get your ideas off the ground, and the Hoboken Tech Meetup is a great and easy place to take advantage of that.

Steve Blank and Bob Dorf: Authors of The Four Steps to the Epiphany

In an effort to raise money for the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club, the Hoboken Tech Meetup will be hosting various auctions and raffles. One such winning will give you an hour one-on-one with serial entrepreneur Steve Blank‘s co-author Bob Dorf. Blank is the developer of the Customer Development methodology. There will also be an opportunity to win one of five autographed copies of their The Four Steps to the Epiphany.

The Details

The Hoboken Tech Meetup 8 is scheduled for 6:45pm on January 17th at the Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology. Be sure to reserve your spot today.

Look For Us

I’ll be attending the upcoming Hoboken Tech Meetup, and I’m hoping Jess can make it out for the festivities and hear what Bob Dorf (and vis-a-vis the godfather of startups, Steve Blank) has to say about Product Development.

About the Scene Watch
There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of start-up events in the NYC metro-area each year, but which ones are the most valuable? Each week, our team will tell you which events provide the best networking opportunities, deliver the best insight and really inspire us to build a business. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

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