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Scene Watch: Hoboken Tech Meetup 10

Hoboken Tech Meetup is hosting their 10th event by founder Aaron Price. We’ve previously discussed the opportunities for both networking and learning, and Aaron himself guarantees that attendance will ensure both. The upcoming event in question, however, is unique in its featured speaker Craig Kanarick.

Who You Will be Hearing From – Featured Speaker

After a sessions of well-spent speed networking and a welcome for startup presentations, the Hoboken Tech Meetup 10 will feature a speech followed by a question and answer session with Craig Kanarick. Craig’s resume is a melting pot of experience ranging from startup to Fortune 100 companies. His focus and strength is in concentrating on technology, design and brand strategy integration for growth within the company via innovation.

Craig is best known as co-founder of internet services firm, Razorfish. Of course, Craig went on to lend his experiences at other established companies, many of which he co-founded. For a full, amalgamated summary of his experiences, check out the meetup’s direct page.

Startups to be Discovered

Three startups are set to present at Hoboken Tech Meetup 10. One such company is Dealery. Dealery’s content is composed of an aggregation of daily deals from several group buying websites. With so many clones attempting to replicate Groupon’s successful business model, Dealery attempts to concentrate on providing as much of that information to the consumer in an easy-to-consume manner.

Honestly, Now, which is currently in beta, is a community-based website based on an invitation-only access. The concept is centered on helping you make good decisions by asking your community, which is composed of friends and friends of friends.

Finally, Takeoff attempts to ease the process of collaborating on video production. Takeoff gives you the tools to add comments frame by frame, and upload newer versions of videos without replacing older ones. Teammates see each other’s work in real-time, and everything is conducted on the web.

The Event Details – When and Where?

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s get to the details. Hoboken Tech Meetup 10 will be hosted at the Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. The event will be held on March 21st, starting at 6:45. For the full, broken down schedule, visit the meetup page.

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