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Scene Watch: Get in Touch with Fellow Developers at the NSCoder Meetup

Many events organized to help entrepreneurs with their developing startup concentrate on the business aspect: formulating an iterative plan, marketing procedures, locking in an investor, etc. The NSCoder Meetup, while still offering help and information on these entrepreneurial issues, will concentrate on programming problems and learning Xcode programming.

Developer Concerns are the Focus

Starting a business comes with many questions and hurdles. The organizer of NSCoders is a Kaliware LLC employed, NJ-native. “Kaliware, is an application and technology consulting company. We take care of your desktop technology and application development so you can focus on your core business.” With this background in place, NSCoders provides a similar support system in meetup form.

The meetup hosted by NSCoder, however, will be geared toward discussing development on Apple’s platforms – namely: the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The organization promises that attendance will bring an increase in your development skills, as well as other technology related issues through both discussions and collaborations.

When and Where?

The NSCoder Meetup will take place on April 13th (Wednesday) at 7:00pm. The only catch is that you must be a member to attend the event. As soon as you are initiated, you can view the location of the event.

About the Scene Watch
There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of start-up events in the NYC metro-area each year, but which ones are the most valuable? Each week, our team will tell you which events provide the best networking opportunities, deliver the best insight and really inspire us to build a business. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

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