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Scene Watch: Emerging CoBoken Community Serves as a Communal Work Environment

What started just one week ago as a musing over an idea with potential has since turned into a viable plan of action. Aaron Price and Michael Pierce, in association with the Hoboken Tech Meetup community, are initiating CoBoken – an emerging community of aspiring entrepreneurs as well as an office space within which they can interact.

Bringing the Startup Community Together in a Collaborative Work Environment

Once it is up and running – the date of which is projected for Spring of this year – CoBoken will function as a collaborative environment for local startup communities and individuals to meet and work with one another. The premise of the CoBoken community is to establish a point of congregation for both like and unlike minded startups to provide an environment that supports the members. A tech web startup that may be in need of a graphic designer can potentially find just that at CoBoken. CoBoken is an ideal workspace that promotes collaborative work, whether it may be doling out advice on best practices or samples that work from past experiences, or actually meeting potential workmates.

Aaron explained that oftentimes startups meet their demise at the hands of a lack of motivation. CoBoken, he says, will be the perfect remedy for that when members are met with downtime and are in need of positive reinforcement and support from a local community. Eventually, CoBoken will play host to events that attract investors and speakers from the industry. Aaron emphasizes that he wants to retain the workshop atmosphere over the lecture and networking-centered events.

The Space and the Membership

The space itself will be fitted for communal space, open desks and dedicated private offices in a space of 3,000 sq. ft. When the initial email for the idea of a community-based office space focused on members sharing and helping one another was sent out to the Hoboken Tech Meetup community, Aaron was looking to hit 10 interested members. They were met with surprising number of 75 after just 40 hours of the release of the news.

Memberships will be offered on a daily (estimated $10-$25), occasional or fulltime pass (estimated $150-$450/month). The team’s goal is to at least break even with the cost of maintaining the CoBoken space, while still keeping membership fees as reasonable as possible to make it affordable for small businesses.

How to Help Out

Aaron and a fellow Hoboken Tech Meetup member, Michael Pierce, discussed the idea of a communal work environment, and quickly embarked on contacting what soon became both their real estate agent as well as their investor on the development. However, the team is keeping an eye out for people with a talent for interior design or architecture who may be interested in influencing the design and layout of the CoBoken space. Aaron expressed his interest in avoiding the “college, Ikea feel.” He’s looking for someone to design the CoBoken space towards a “professional, swanky but also cool place that people will be proud to call home base.” He further elaborated that he wanted people to “walk in and say, ‘I can’t believe this place is in Hoboken.’”

Currently, there are two forms of access to CoBoken’s progress. You can learn a few more details, as well as support the cause by filling out a form and linking to your social networking site of choice. The Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn efforts have reportedly increased traffic by phenomenal heights, says Aaron. He is excited to see the level of interest as well as community that is already able to rapidly come together. You can also opt to receive announcements as they come by signing up here.

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