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Scene Watch: Learn How To Fail With Your Startup At Hoboken Tech Meetup 11

Hoboken Tech Meetup is hosting their 11th event by founder Aaron Price. Featured speaker, Allen Murabayashi – co-founder of HotJobs, and CEO/co-founder of – will be on hand to discuss common mistakes that lead entrepreneurs to failure.

Who You Will be Hearing From – Featured Speaker

After a routine session of speed networking and a welcome for startup presentations, the Hoboken Tech Meetup 11 will feature a speech followed by a question and answer session with Allen Murabayashi. During Allen’s time with HotJobs as SVP of Engineering, he saw the company’s growth to expanding even across countries. Allen converged his success with startups with his passion for photography in creating PhotoShelter: a customizable portfolio website for photographers. Photographers have access to archiving tools, and can even use the website to power their own domain name.

Allen will be telling tales of his experiences with both HotJobs and PhotoShelter throughout his 15 years as an Internet entrepreneur. By exposing common failure strategies, hopefully you and your startup can come away with lessons to learn without actually having to learn them yourself.

Startups to be Discovered

Although many startup companies will be presenting at the event, there are two notable startups that will be at Hoboken Tech Meetup 11. One such company is is a new way to discover and enjoy web video.

MigrationBox transfers all your email from one email account to another of your choice. MigrationBox’s servers handle all the transfers. Should you wish to, you can track the progress of the migration – which is generally a few thousand messages per hour – in real time, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Event Details – When and Where?

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s get to the details. Hoboken Tech Meetup 11 will be hosted at the Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. The event will be held on April 18th, starting at 6:45. For the full, broken down schedule, visit the meetup page.

About the Scene Watch
There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of start-up events in the NYC metro-area each year, but which ones are the most valuable? Each week, our team will tell you which events provide the best networking opportunities, deliver the best insight and really inspire us to build a business. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

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