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Hoboken Tech Meetup 12

Hoboken Tech Meetup is hosting their 12th event by founder Aaron Price. This meetup’s featured speaker, Andrew Weinreich – founder/CEO of meetMoi  and founder/Chairman of Xtify – will be on hand to discuss the topic of the event: “how persistent location will reinvent every mobile vertical.”

Who You Will be Hearing From – Featured Speaker

After a routine session of speed networking and a welcome for startup presentations, the Hoboken Tech Meetup 12 will feature a speech followed by a question and answer session with Andrew Weinreich. Andrew’s long roster of experience reflects one of his expertise – social networking. In fact, Andrew is the founder of one of the Internet’s first social network sites:

Startups to be Discovered

Although many startup companies will be presenting at the event, there are two notable startups that will be at Hoboken Tech Meetup 12. One such company is Cheekd, an online dating service. This startup is an appropriate addition given one of Andrew’s current endeavors: the online dating site meetMoi. What makes Cheekd unique, however, is that it is not so much strictly an online dating service as it is a bridging of the gap between online dating and real-world interactions. Members are given cards with their code ID on them to hand out to appealing strangers who can thereafter log in and review their profile online.

The second startup that will be presented is Talamu. Talamu is a Facebook application that turns commercials into games.

The Event Details – When and Where?

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s get to the details. Hoboken Tech Meetup 12 will be hosted at the Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. The event will be held on May 23rd, starting at 6:45. For the full, broken down schedule, visit the meetup page.

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