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Groundhog Day: Innovating Your Product Isn’t The Only Change You Need To Keep Up With

Not Everything Is As We Expect
Not all of our predictions from an early onset will prove correct. Occasionally, we will have to revisit an initial plan and rework the context to better fit the situations at hand. Although your initial plan for your startup may have once seemed to lead to a successful conclusion, your progress may take you along a different path, which is OK.

Think Of It This Way
There are many ever-evolving industries that have to heed to this methodology of keeping up with necessary changes. Science, for instance, is constantly revisited for revisions and new theories and hypotheses.

To use our running Groundhog Day analogy, let’s take a look back at our supermarket owner. Imagine a supermarket owner maps out a plan to start filling his store with frozen items, as they are not perishable like fresh produce. However, as his startup supermarket begins to transition from the vision room to a more tangible realization of the idea, several farms spring up in the area. Given this new information, the supermarket owner decides to take advantage of the farms and fill his/her supermarket with fresh produce directly from the farm.

Had the owner not taken advantage of the new situation he/she was confronted with in favor of the original plan, the supermarket might not have benefited from a newly presented option.

Don’t Ignore Opportunities
Being reluctant to skew from the master plan you originally set for your startup can have consequences in the long run. As you build your company, circumstances might change in a way that you could not possibly have foreseen. It’s necessary, therefore, to continuously evaluate your plan and keep up-to-date with the most logical code of action rather than relying on previously made decisions. As your company grows, you should be prepared to redirect it if/when necessary.

The Lesson We’ve Learned
Timidity will hinder your company’s growth. There’s no possibly way to accurately determine what the future of your company will look like. You can merely make educated guesses, with the addition of adapting to conditions as they arise.

About Groundhog Day
Each week, we look at some common and repeated mistakes start-ups make time and time again. In an effort to avoid a Groundhog Day, we’ll analyze these mistakes and attempt to deter future start-ups from them while offering advice.

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