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Droid X Now at Fusionapps

The new Droid X is the official smartphone of the Fusionapps application management team. When our team receives support requests, these requests are too important to be missed. We need a dependable provider and a fast phone with useful features. Connectivity and reliability are critical to our business and the customers who count on us.

The new Droid is incredibly fast and has an easy-to-navigate display. It comes equipped with high-speed mobile browsing through Verizon’s powerful 3G network and an HDMI or HD wireless connection. According to one Engadget review, “…this phone is pretty much a bang-on execution of what a high-end mobile powerhouse should be.”

The iPhone4 would have been the alternative to the new Droid, but we chose not to purchase it due to all the reported connectivity and antenna issues. Sure, the iPhone has a well-stocked app store, but what good is a phone that drops calls? In a business setting, we can’t risk missing important service requests.

A design flaw in the iPhone 4 hinders reception if the user touches the stainless steel band around the phone. In many cases, touching this band is inevitable. According to an article in Mashable, Steve Jobs may have ignored antenna issues. He may have known about the issue in an early design phase.

Regardless of whether this accusation is true or not, we were sure that we didn’t want a phone with such obvious flaws. The Droid X is our smartphone of choice.

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