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Scene Watch: Dim Sum and Business Talk Next Month at NYC Startup and Dim Sum Enthusiasts Meetup

NYC Startup and Dim Sum Enthusiasts hold a monthly meetup in NYC to discuss business and technology over bamboo steamers filled with Chinese treats.

Take Shelter From the Cold Weather With Some Dim Sum

What better opportunity to take a reprieve from the incessant cold weather we have been having than to indulge in dim sum on a brisk Saturday morning? Many events steer their direction in the tried and true format of a learning-focused lecture, or a cocktail setting. A casual breakfast in Chinatown provides not only the casual atmosphere that is remiss in many business meetups, but it also retains the learning focus by grouping entrepreneurs together in an informal gathering of the minds. You might find yourself armed with new business strategies suggested by fellow startup leaders, or at the very least experimenting with the chicken feet dish.

Who Else is Going

Organizer Sebastian Gutierrez along with 24 other members of the NYC Startup and Dim Sum Enthusiasts are currently RSVPed to attend the dim sum gathering in NYC.

The Details

The next monthly meetup date is Saturday, April 2nd at Jing Fong Restaurant located in Chinatown at 20 Elizabeth St. If you can’t make this month’s meetup, there are already others planned for the following months. Let us know if you plan on going, and tell us how it is in the comments if you do.

About the Scene Watch
There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of start-up events in the NYC metro-area each year, but which ones are the most valuable? Each week, our team will tell you which events provide the best networking opportunities, deliver the best insight and really inspire us to build a business. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

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