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Simultaneous Photos of Google Street View Car Photographing Bystander while Bystander Photographs Google.

Every once in a while we like to post a funny or odd story that we come across…and this one fits that bill.

Groundhog Day: Innovating Your Product Isn’t The Only Change You Need To Keep Up With

Learning to adapt to your environment and conditions in the lifespan of your startup will drastically determine the fate of your company.

Scene Watch: NY Tech Networking Roundtable Event Will Help You Expand Your Network

Networking events sometimes feel a dime a dozen, but the great thing about them is that there’s always at least one opportunity to be made.

Groundhog Day: Start-ups That Don’t Pitch Their Ideas Like Steve Jobs

We’re not saying you have to be Steve Jobs – but you can certainly aspire to pitch like him.

Scene Watch: Speed Pitching and Informal Networking

The NYCBNG is hosting another Speed Networking event in the name of Internet Week NY.

NYEBN Hosts Networking Mixer With Featured Vendors

Showcase your company at NYEBN’s networking mixer, or just come to socialize.

Hoboken Tech Meetup 12

Hoboken Tech Meetup 12 features Andrew Weinreich.

FruugalDeal Hosts Their Launch Party in NYC

Come celebrate FruugalDeal’s official launch in NYC and potentially win an iPad 2.

Scene Watch: Hiring A Web Designer? Take Caution Before Making Decisions

Learn to avoid the mistakes of hiring web designers.

Scene Watch: Get in Touch with Fellow Developers at the NSCoder Meetup

A meeting of Apple developers in NJ.