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Build Software Like You’re Fleeing A Desert Island

Imagine that you are the captain of a large commercial airliner that has crashed on a desert island. There are 200 survivors, which are going to die if you don’t get them off the island.

Why Visioning Sessions are Critical to The Success of Your Software

Visioning sessions are a critical step in any software development project because they get all members involved on the same page before any development is started.

The Importance of Coordinating Efforts Between Marketing and IT

Why it’s critical to coordinate efforts between marketing teams and IT teams when you have a business-critical software product.

The Comeback Year for Smart, Innovative Start-Ups

When the economy crashed, many venture capitalists and angel investors stalled investments and held capital “close to the vest”. This abrupt halt on funding forced many promising and innovative start-ups to put their business ventures on ice or close up shop completely.

Startup Visionaries Need to Be “All In” to Succeed

Of course, start-ups present risks. However, as with any risky endeavor, many factors can mitigate your risk and help you increase your odds for success.